The Secret of Mycota

Enjoy a free download for the Secret of Mycota to learn English idioms. You also learn or practise chess while playing, even if you are a green chess player.

Mushrooms mutated into Myconids. With their newfound ability to petrify human flesh and trap human souls upon cursing humans, they invaded many Realms and turned the innocent inhabitants into stone.

You, Theo, a literate schoolboy, plot to seek revenge against the invaders and save the countless souls imprisoned in alternate dimensions.

Acquire answer cards from Bisporus-Myconids and idiom cards from hostile Myconids. Combine them with accuracy and it will grant you the ability to perform Magical spells that drain Myconid souls, their effects strengthened with higher hand combinations.

You can also cast these Magical spells to disable Generators, devices that disrupt the space-time continuum and force you to participate in chess games.

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