The Aerial Warfare

Aerial Warfare - Holiday

Gear up and geek out on math!

Download Aerial Warfare - Holiday now for free! Help Santa to prepare for Christmas by solving the problems he may face in his gift delivery.

This is a yearly moment that Santa is about to deliver Christmas presents for all kids with well-being.

Bad guy, Boogieman, thinks the presents Santa has prepared are boring. He wants to take over Santa’s place and deliver very surprising horrors himself. He makes obstacles to prevent Santa from delivering the gifts.

Plane factory accidentally discovered Boogieman’s plan and called for an urgent announcement about this. As a little pilot, you’re expecting the present from Santa, too. When you learned this news, you were determined to take action against Boogie’s destructive plans and guard Santa with his smooth delivery of the Christmas presents.

Solve simple Math problems with accuracy and you will have a chance to upgrade your planes, with higher functionality and strengthened power. You can also drop bombs to remove the blockages and drop snow magic to protect Santa’s sleigh.

Blast off on a Christmas Adventure!

Aerial Warfare: Holiday Edition brings math skills and holiday cheer together for an unforgettable adventure. Get ready to:

Save Christmas! - Use your math smarts to unlock planes, remove obstacles, and protect Santa's sleigh from the dastardly Boogieman.

Exciting Missions - Take on time-based missions and challenges to put your math and problem-solving abilities to the test. The action ramps up as you advance!

Festive Planes - Unlock jolly new planes themed for the season. Deck your fighters out with holiday flair!

Powerful Upgrades - Solve math problems correctly to earn candy cane power-ups. Use them strategically to get an edge against enemies.

Leaderboards & Achievements - Compete on leaderboards and earn trophies to show off your holiday heroism.

Can you save Christmas in time? Put your math skills on ice and jump into a festive fight to protect the holiday spirit! With a perfect mix of education and entertainment, Aerial Warfare: Holiday Edition is a gift for all ages. Download now and get in the spirit!


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